Mago Thermal Private Ltd. (MTPL) is a multi-product, multi-specialty company that has been providing complete solutions to customers for Boilers, Power plants, Energy saving, Retrofitting & Renovation of Boilers & Power plants, Air Pollution Control equipment, Steam to Cost, Operation & Maintenance etc.

MTPL is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. This accreditation applies for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Boilers and EPC (Power Plants). MTPL’s manufacturing facilities / associates are geared to produce quality material at very competitive prices.

Started as an innovation company to offer optimized solution for Boiler performance, Efficiency improvement, Fuel / Furnace conversion, now MTPL has experience of more than two decades in design and supply of various types of Boilers with different technologies. With best and experienced Designers & Technocrats on board, MTPL is most suitable partner to supply :

  • Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion (AFBC) Boilers
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) Boilers
  • Spreader Stoker Traveling / Reciprocating Grate Biomass fired Boilers
  • Slop / Distillery effluent fired Boilers.
  • Oil and Gas fired Boilers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

MTPL also deals in EPC contracting of Power Plants offering vide range of solutions for various Industry segments which includes:

  • Captive Power Plant Solutions.
  • Cogeneration Power Plant Solutions for Sugar, Paper, Textile, Food Processing, Chemical and other Industries.
  • Independent Power Plant solutions for Biomass & other sectors.
  • Waste to Energy Solutions

Other activities including :

  • Boiler / Power plant Retrofitting & Renovation
  • Spare parts
  • Steam at Cost
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
    • Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
    • Bag Filter
    • Flue Gas Treatment Applications (FGD)

MTPL has highly qualified and trained manpower in key domain areas such as Application Engineering, Proposal, Detail Engineering and Project Management facilities specialized in using latest Software’s and Engineering Techniques for timely and successful execution of Projects.

In MTPL’s commitment to provide best technological solution to ensure continues and trouble-free operation of equipment, we even take support from industry experts / renowned consultant for vetting of our designs / engineering.

MTPL has executed more than 300 projects in India and overseas which are operating successfully to the satisfaction of customers from last so many years. MTPL equipment are in operation at Paper plants, Textile plants, Food Processing industries like Rice & Milk, Chemical plants, etc.

MTPL follows best Standards in sourcing, vendor development and supply chain management thereby ensuring optimized cost, timely availability of materials for committed schedules.

MTPL has experienced construction team for Erection, Commissioning and Start-up services of Power Plants. It not only ensures timely and safe installations of Projects; it also imparts training to Client’s personnel for latest O&M practices and trouble shooting.

Some of Breakthroughs of MTPL :

  1. We are the pioneers for Mustard Straw Combustion in AFBC Boilers specially for Process boilers thus provided Industry flexibility to fire economical fuels available way back in 1999.
  2. Introduced Pet Coke as an alternative fuel when Reliance started selling Petcoke from their Jamnagar Refinery. We have more than 200 retrofitted boiler installations on Petcoke to our credit.
  3. With rising Global Oil Prices, we introduced BIOMASS BRIQUETTES firing for steam generation in boilers by replacing burners with Furnaces to reduce operating cost way back in the year 2007. This not only helped in bringing down input cost but also dependence on ever fluctuating Oil prices.
  4. We are executing 50 TPH, 67 Ata, 500°C boiler suitable to fire 100% Rice straw at Pioneer Distillery, Pathankot. Boiler is expected to commission by January, 2021.
  5. We also carried out Customization / Revamping / Performance Improvement of Electro-static Precipitators (ESP) of different makes at various Power Plants and Process Steam Generators.
  6. MTPL is official technology partner of M/s Torftech Group, a UK based company involved in Gasification and Drying Combustion technology of various Bio-Mass fuels.
  7. MTPL have been awarded with “Global Clean Energy Award“ for Biomass Cogeneration for generating power from waste to energy.

Other feathers in cap related to Boiler’s / Captive Power Plants :

  • MAGO THERMAL FGD developed a NaOH and Lime based wet type Scrubber with Sieve Tray reaction Technology. Not only is this ECONOMICAL, but it is highly efficient as well.
  • PROTOTYPE trial of MTPL FGD conducted on a 31 TPH, 67, 490°C Steam Boiler (on 100 % Petcoke firing) – We are able to achieve SOₓ Emission Levels as low as 6 PPM from Inlet SOₓ Level of 3000 PPM. These results are very encouraging and “FIRST OF ITS KIND” solution for Industrial Sector.