HI-Value BIOCHAR from RICE STRAW by Torrefaction

Delhi NCR, HARYANA, PUNJAB, WESTERN UP, RAJASTHAN is suffering due to VERY POOR AQI “ AIR QUALITY INDEX “   EPCA has ordered to shut all industrial activities running on fuel other Than  NATURAL GAS.   Why this POOR “ AQI”   INDIA has 140 million tonnes of rice straw annually. To dispose the rice straw for making field ready for next crop, farmers are burning it in the fields. Burning of rice straw in agri-culture fields


RICE STRAW “Not a Waste, Until Wasted” Rice Straw Fired Steam Power Plant Highlights Technology- Single Drum, Natural Circulation, Tall Furnace ,3 Pass with Radiant Platen SH in all Three Zone. Operation scheme with 8,000 h/y planned operation , 8 h manned and 16 hrs unmanned operation with remote surveillance Power up 30 MWe Hot water Based APH. Water Cooled Oscillating Grate. Tail end DeNOx   MAGO THERMAL & Experienced...

MAGO THERMAL SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVED SOx LEVEL 6 ppm from their Designed “FGD ” Flue gas Desulphurisation System.

    MAGO THERMAL DESIGNED PROTO TYPE FGD to Certify CHEMICAL MASS TRASFER in their designed FGD. FGD installed with 31 TPH, 65 KSC, 490 DEG C steam Boiler running at 90 % Petcoke + 10 % Coal. Flue gas containing SO2 was supplied from 31 TPH Steam Boiler ID FAN OUTLET via MS DUCT connected with New BOOSTER ID FAN for prototype MAGO FGD. Booster Fan Outlet is connected with Variable Throat Ventury.  Ventury is connected with FGD w


MAGO - DOUBLE STAGE DOUBLE ALKALI FGD- Mago- FGD Operation cost is less than Half than Other convention Single stage NaOH Scrubber........ SALIENT FEATURES * Capability to meet low emission limits below 5 ppmv and greater than 99% removal efficiency. * Ability to minimize caustic consumption. *  Flexibility to use available alkali waste water as a potential scrubbing solution to reduce operating cost. *  Reduced risk of fouling and the need fo

MAGO THERMAL FLUE GAS DESULPHURISATION SYSTEM FEATURES- Lets make the Environment Better by adopting Right Technology.

What is MAGO FGD " Flue Gas Desulphurization “ Flue-Gas Desulfurization (FGD) is a set of INNOVATIVE Technologies used to REMOVE Sulphur Di-Oxide (SO2) from exhaust gases from Power / Process Steam Boiler and Furnaces running on Fossil Fuel / High Sulphur fuel ( Petcoke), and from the EMISSION’s of other Sulfur Oxide emitting Processes. MAGO FGD - MAGO  FGD has been Designed under guidance of distinguished Professor Shri P.D. Grover, Ex- Hea

Another 208 Days FLAT from today, is the INDUSTRY & are the SOLUTION PROVIDERS ready for this CHALLENGE ??

Dear Friends, Another 208 Days FLAT from today, is the INDUSTRY  & are the SOLUTION PROVIDERS ready  for thisCHALLENGE ?? In a recent LANDMARK JUDGEMENT the Honorable Supreme Court of India has given a RULING that Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) shall FRAME new EMISSION Guidelines ( for both SOx   &   NOx as well as PARTICULATE Matter ) for the PETCOKE COMBUSTION in Boilers in NCR Region in Particular  +   Industry in General. CPCB h...


INDIA is a Agriculture Rich country . Along the other crops Rice Husk is also widely grown throughout the Indian Sub continent. In 1980 Rice Husk become a major fuel for Steam Boiler to take up Industrial steam and power demand. Indian Industry is using Grate/ AFBC combustion technologies to burn Rice Husk In their steam Boiler furnaces. Rice Husk Contains 18-20 % of Ash which further contains 95-98 % of Silica. All steam Boiler is working with 75 to


  “SIEVENT” FGD SCRUBBER for 100 % PET COKE -- FIRED BOILER.   PROPOSED SCHEME The flue gases are passed through the proposed Scrubber (combination of Venturi and Sieve Tray) at the downstream of ESP and ID Fan . The proposed Scrubber is designed to De-Sulphurize the Flue Gases in three stages, namely : PRIMARY TREATMENT. DRY SCRUBBING IN FREE BED ZONE. SECONDARY TREATMENT with NaOH Solution as a Solvent.


Flue-gas desulfurization From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Before flue gas desulfurization was installed, the emissions from this power plant in New Mexico contained a significant amount of sulfur dioxide. The G. G. Allen Steam Station scrubber Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) is a set of technologies used to remove sulfur dioxide (SO 2) from exhaust flue gases of fossil-fuel power plants, and fr

Gross Calorific Values of Different Fuels

Calorific value of Different Fuels Fuels Values kcal/kg Commercial fuels Coal(gross calorific value)* Hard coal Lignite brown coal Charcoal Petroleum products (net calorific value) LPG Gasoline/naptha Kerosene Jet fuel Fuel oil Natural gas ElectricityBiomass Agricultural residues Paddy straw Rice husk Mango leaves Groundnut Sugarcane Wheaat straw Cotton stalks Maize stalks Maize cobs Bajra stalks Gram straw Masoor stra