Why Mago Thermal For Slop Fired Boilers?

  1. Mago Thermal offers special Slop Fired Boiler systems ideally suited for molasses based distilleries and Sugar manufacturing units.
  2. Customized boiler system to bring maximum efficiency to the plant.
  3. Proven Slop Fired Boiler designs vetted by experts.
  4. Our technology and processes allows us to offer cost effective boiler and power plant solutions.
  5. Mago Thermal also offers customization of your current Slop fired boiler system to increase its efficiency.
  6. Mago Thermal offers Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Slop Fired Boiler system.
  7. Mago Thermal is a team of motivated boiler and power plant engineers.

What Is Slop?

Also known as Spent Wash, it is an effluent from molasses based distilleries and sugar manufacturing units. Slop is hazardous to the environment and have strict regulations around it. Thus there is a need of an efficient disposal system for the effluent.

Spent Wash combustion is also a method of ethanol production. As Government of India has permitted addition of 7.2% ethanol in petrol (as of November 2019), this is an added incentive for distillery and sugar manufacturers. The slop generated after the ethanol production needs to be aptly processed before being disposed.

At Mago Thermal, we offer specially designed Slop Boilers for molasses based distilleries and sugar manufacturing units. The technology helps in concentrating slop and then fires it in the specially designed boiler. This facilitates effluent disposal in an environment friendly manner while generating quality steam to meet process and power requirements at the molasses based distillery and sugar manufacturing unit.

General Description Of Ethanol Production And Slop Boilers:


Why You Need Slop Fired Boilers For Molasses Based Distilleries And Sugar Manufacturing Units?

Using Slop boilers in ethanol production and slop disposal leads to numerous incentives:

  • Cost Efficiency: Using Slop or Spent Wash as a fuel instead of coal is a great way of reducing the fuel costs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Slop based boilers offer a balanced solution for both steam and power requirements of the molasses based distilleries and sugar manufacturing units.
  • Added Profits: Ethanol production as a part of distillation process can be used as additional business for earning extra profits. Slop generated can be effectively treated in Slop fired boilers.
  • Additional Revenue: Potash rich ash is saleable as fertilizer and source of additional revenue.
  • Reduced Cost Of Production: It offers a great way to produce ethanol at a reduced cost of production.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD): Slop fired boilers are Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems.
  • Socio-Economic Responsibilities: Slop boilers facilitate the molasses based distilleries and sugar units to function without releasing hazardous effluent. It is a great way of contributing positively to the environment and complying with pollution control regulations.

At Mago Thermal, we offer

  1. New Slop Fired Boiler Systems for molasses based distilleries and sugar manufacturers.
  2. Customization of existing Slop Fired Boiler system to achieve better efficiency.
  3. Engineering consultancy for Slop Fired Boiler based Power Plants.

We at Mago Thermal provide Slop Fired Boiler based power plant solutions in sugarcane belt of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab and other regions across India. For more information on Mago Thermal’s Slop Fired Boiler solutions, Call Us at +91-9910490700 or Contact Us.